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  • Use a Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner With Linux

    I got my Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M up and running with Linux with relatively little effort. Yay! One step farther away from continued reliance on MacOS!

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  • Fixed: I Couldn't Open A Terminal Window!

    Suddenly, I couldn’t open a terminal window! How do I even diagnose the problem?! Oh, and great: my trackpad stopped working. Wow. Fortunately, I recovered, and although it annoyed me, I learned a few small things about Linux.

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  • rvm and byobu

    If rvm tells you that it is not a function when you run byobu, then load the rvm script yourself in order to keep working.

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  • Using git When the Firewall Says, "No"

    If git push fails and you’re on a strange network, then you might still be able to push your changes if you make one small change to your environment.

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  • Installing amp, a text editor

    Recently I learned about amp, a text editor that might lure me away from vim. Intrigued by the idea, I tried to install it. I really tried, but I couldn’t manage it. I learned that I had some kind of dependency problem that I could solve by using the most recent tools for the Rust programming language.

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  • Moving to Linux: Evernote

    I use Evernote and they provide no Linux client, so I need something. I can use the Android client and the web application in many situations, but not, for example, to delete large batches of notes. Fortunately, there exists a promising alternative under active development! And it seems to work!

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  • Add a Personal Payee Your Own Damn Self

    If you use TD Canada Trust’s “personal payee” to send money to individuals like a bill payment, then it has become easier to set up a new recipient. I stumbled upon this fact today.

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  • No, This Album Is Not A Compilation

    If your music organizer thinks an album is a compilation, but you know it was recorded by a single artist, then you might need to change the music file’s metadata. Here are some very short instructions to do just that.

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  • The Real Reason The WiFi Thermostats Didn't Work

    If your ISP forces on you an Actiontec R3000 router, then you must read this article to avoid disappointment. No, really.

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  • Honeywell WiFi Thermostats Not Connecting To WiFi Network

    If you have a WiFi thermostat, then consider configuring your router to give them reserved IP addresses, in order to reduce the likelihood that they have trouble joining your network.

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I have written a lot about software and software development, but I'm not doing that here. I might not know what I'm doing here yet, but I know it's not that.

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