I run some forums with Discourse and I upgrade them. Sometimes, when I upgrade them, I end up in an infinite loop of sadness. There is an easy way out that doesn’t require more disk space, because sometimes, you know, you already have enough disk space.

The Symptom

Try to upgrade and you get a message telling you to free up disk space, but when you try to free up disk space by deleting unused containers, and then you have something like 7.5 GiB free, you get that message again. But… I have enough disk space!

A Workaround

According to this post at the Discourse Discourse, you can tell the upgrade script not to check for free space, but just go ahead. And it often works!

# ./launcher rebuild app --skip-prereqs

If this doesn’t work, then you actually need to free some disk space or increase the disk capacity.


You have 7.1GB free before downloading the discourse container image but less than 5gb after downloading it when we perform the check.

Now you know.