I host client meetings, I like OBS Studio, and I run Linux. Sometimes, the pieces don’t talk together nicely. This is the case when my client prefers to use Microsoft Teams. (I typically use Zoom. I know the risks. We are where we are.)

When I tried to use my OBS Studio Virtual Camera device in Microsoft Teams on Linux, I got only a black screen/empty image. No video. (Audio worked fine.)

After some digging, I discovered that this is a known limitation of Microsoft Teams for Linux.

The Workaround

In OBS Studio, set the overall video output resolution to 720p. That’s it. You might need to restart both OBS Studio and Teams.

The Consequences

You will need to resize the various windows and backgrounds you use in your scenes. It’s probably wise to have two OBS Studio configuration directories, so that you can switch back and forth. I’m doing that and it helps.