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  • Moving Screenflow Markers Without Disturbing Your Clips

    I nearly panicked when I realized that I might have to go through 2 hours of video clips in Screenflow and move dozens of markers in order to add in cross-dissolve transitions between clips. There had to be a better way, or I would have been in trouble. There was.

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  • Extracting Chapter Markers Quickly from Screenflow

    I now have a trick for not waiting an hour to extract the chapter markers from a Screenflow video.

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  • Rescuing PDF Clerk Pro Files Made Easy

    Your .pdfp files are just bundles containing the contents as a single PDF file and some metadata, so it doesn't matter that PDF Clerk Pro no longer runs on current versions of MacOS.

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  • unZettling, or How I Discovered That Credit Card Companies Turn Cash Advances Into Absurd Uncertainty

    If you use an iZettle device to purchase something by credit card in Sweden, then check your credit card statement immediately, because your credit card company might treat the purchase as a cash advance and additional fees and interest might apply.

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  • Back Up an SD Card from Android

    I wanted to replace the 64 GB SD card in my Galaxy Note 4 with a 128 GB SD card. I assumed that I could simply take the smaller SD card out of my phone, connect it by USB (with a USB-based SD card reader) to my MacBook, copy the contents to the larger SD card, insert the larger SD card into my phone, and then go on my merry way.

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  • A Little Tip for Using Typora with Pandoc

    When you install Typora — and you will — you need to change one configuration setting to avoid disappointment in using what is, otherwise, a wonderful, wonderful Markdown composition tool.

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  • LibreOffice Calc Won't Print This Sheet!

    I love LibreOffice and OpenOffice both for helping me escape from the clutches of Microsoft Office. I have donated to LibreOffice as a measure of gratitude for helping me run my business and indeed my life. Sadly, no technology product seems impervious to silly problems, and I encountered one today with LibreOffice that made me scream in frustration.

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  • I Can't Boot From My External USB Drive!

    I take backups pretty seriously. It's the primary reason I switched to Mac: once I learned that I could boot from an external backup drive I wanted that security. Today, when my shiny new external USB 3.0 drives arrived in the mail, I immediately started a backup, but was shocked when I couldn't boot from the backup! Well... somewhat. I eventually got there, and it wasn't obvious to me, so I wanted to make sure that you knew what to do.

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  • I Can't Find Stuff In My Markdown Files!

    As I wrote previously in "Writing With Pleasure Using Markdown and Pandoc", I use Markdown a lot for writing. I don't use it just for writing articles, but also for writing outlines and making notes. If I draft it using plain text, then I usually use Markdown as the format.

    Imagine my surprise this morning when I tried to search for an outline I'd drafted of a conference talk and couldn't find it. I couldn't even find it by file name. Panic!

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  • Handling Urgent Email With Todoist

    If you use GMail, you can't use a filter to automatically forward an urgent email to a project in Todoist. I use Mailgun as a middleman to make this automation work.

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I have written a lot about software and software development, but I'm not doing that here. I might not know what I'm doing here yet, but I know it's not that.

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